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Scintillating Tales of Salsa-Soaked Gay Sex Involving Mexican Food!
fuck my food
Yeah, FUCK IT GOOD!!!!!
Yeah, this is the only place where you'll find original gay erotica involving Mexican food! Join me in my literary quest for the ultimate tacofied prick-tugging, the most beautiful burrito butt-fucking and the nastiest nacho cheese sauce dipping this side of your lover's buttcrack! Hahahaha. The colorful, robust world of Mexican food meets the raw, sweaty man-made world of hot gay sex and who are you to look the other way? Clusters of entries first posted at Gay Food Fetish Central are periodically archived here under one storyline for quick indexing. In addition, this is where I post occasional special stories I like to call "Full Feature Food Fucks".
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Using A Burrito As Gay Foot Bait"

Here's a story I wrote to go along with my Gay Foot Fetish Burrito special project. In the summer I'm pretty much a beach bum. I love to walk down the sandy beaches of my area, strutting around in my boxer shorts. I always have a nice stiffie poking out from beneath my shorts, letting all the fellas know I'm open for business. One of the techniques I use to get a guy to let me suck his cock is that I start off complimenting his feet, then use a burrito as bait to get to his cock. I don't know how many hot dudes I've picked up standing in line at the burrito stand on the beach this way. Read this story to experience my "Using A Burrito As Gay Foot Bait" pick-up technique in action. It sure was a hot adventure!

Part 1:"To Kiss A Man's Foot"
Part 2:"Men's Feet Make Me Giggle!"
Part 3:"Bare Feet At The Burrito Stand"
Part 4:"Gay Seduction In The Burrito Line"
Part 5:"Start Of Some Kinky Gay Foot Action"
Part 6:"Moaning And Groaning Of Gay Burritos"
Part 7:"The Delicious Stain On His Crotch"
Part 8:"Never Joke With The Ones You Love"
Part 9:"I'm A Cock-Sucking Burrito Monster"
Part 10:"The White Load Upon The Rocks"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Full Feature Food Fuck #1

gay food fuck

I've long been one to frequent adult bookstore arcades when there's nothing else going on. I love the dark, maze-like hallways, the dim lights and, of course, all the big, stiff cocks that find their way through the glory-holes and into my fucking MOUTH alot of the time. I always like to set myself apart from all the other cruisers by wiping salsa all over my shirt and belly when I go out searching for dick. You'd be surprised at what kind of crazy pheromone spicy salsa makes and even more surprised at all the thick, juicy cocks it brings my way. In my story, "Crusing in a Salsa-Stained Shirt" I talk about one such experience and I also provide a few pics of me wearing my shirt smeared in salsa for your enjoyment.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Disgruntled Customer/Cocksucker

My first week or so working at Ten Inchiladas has been pretty fucking wild! The boss is on vacation in Hawaii so it's left all of us little guys to run the show. Donald, the assistant manager, is always out fucking off so me, Miguel and Gus got ourselves into a little trouble with a customer because of an incident involving CUM ON A TACO! Hahahahaha. Yeah, I took a fucking bite out of this cum-stained taco and then Gus still sold it a customer. The guy was really pissed about it at first but wait until you find out what ended up happening! The funny thing is, the customer was all pissed because his taco had a bite taken out of it but he didn't even mention the CUM it had on it. Hee!

Part 1:"Work is Pretty Awesome So Far "
Part 2:"Soak the Lettuce With Cum"
Part 3:"He Said "I'll Get My Bite Back!""
Part 4:"What An Excellent Cocksucker He Was!"
Part 5:"Attacked From Behind The Bushes!"

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Gay Monster of Potsboro

I grew up in a real conservative town in the Mid-west, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy being gay there. As a matter of fact, engaging in gay sex was flat out against the law where I come from. I was always a pretty rebellious bastard, though, and made it clear to everyone in town that I was gay and that I loved to suck cock. Needless to say, this led to my being persecuted quite a bit and eventually led to my adapting a "werewolf" philosophy about the world. In this story you can read all about my early transformation into a gay werewolf and the funny shit I used to pull in town to harass and strike fear into the hearts of all the ignorant, redneck townfolk I had to live around.

Part 1:"Being Gay Was Against the Law"
Part 2:"The Birth of a Gay Werewolf"
Part 3:"The Furry Faggot Sightings"

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lessons in Mexican Food Sex

This is my first story, posted in installments in Gay Food Fetish Central, and in it you can feel the sense of confusion and emptiness that eventually led to my path down food-fetish lane. I always wondered about the connection between my hunger for food and my hunger for flesh and whether they could ever be reconciled. And why whenever I ate I always ended up feeling hungry again! Would I ever discover something that could fill me up for REAL? Something that would not only fill up my belly but also feed my voracious libido and starving soul? I'd always liked tacos and burritos as well as the next guy but my first night working at the Mexican restaurant, Ten Inchiladas, would change my life forever.

Part 1:"Was There a Solution to the Emptiness?"
Part 2:"Was I About To Fuck The Taco?"
Part 3:"Cum on the Phone Instead of the Taco"
Part 4:"A Taco in the Toilet"
Part 5:"Donald's Dick In My Butt"
Part 6:"The Howling of the Semen"
Part 7:"When Food and Sex Become One"